Are Kids Subscription Boxes Worth the Cost?

As a parent or caregiver, you’ve probably seen at least a few kids subscription boxes advertised. But, the question remains: Are kids subscription boxes worth the cost?

In this blog, we’ll help you find the answer to that question. We’ll dive into the details of kids subscription boxes to see exactly what you get for your money. You’ll see the pros and cons of each option. Plus, you’ll get a bit of advice on choosing the kids subscription box that makes the most sense for your family and fits within your budget.

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It for Kids?

Let’s start by talking about the main audience for subscription boxes: your kids! If your subscription box doesn’t pass muster with your little ones, it’s definitely not worth the money. But, that’s usually not the case. Kids tend to love subscription boxes for a variety of reasons.


Subscription boxes, whether they are sending you books or toys or art activities, are built on the concept of fun. There are brand-new materials to discover every month and new concepts to explore in every box. This is especially enticing to children as it shakes up the routine and introduces something that they can look forward to each month.

Specially-Curated Contents

Getting kids subscription boxes should feel like you’re getting a monthly gift from a friend who knows you well. The best boxes offer monthly activities that appeal to your children’s specific interests and age level. All of the contents usually tie in with a fun theme, too, like a certain type of animal or a specific location or an artist-based topic. Boxes that are well put together give your child a meaningful experience that holds their interest and helps them learn.

It’s Mail Day!

Kids love getting mail! The excitement and the adult-ness of the act of getting mail makes it a really special occasion. If you put their names on the subscription box, it can feel even more momentous when it arrives in the mail. Kids know that there’s a surprise inside, a really good surprise that they’re going to love!

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It for Parents?

Now that we’ve talked about the kids, it’s time to discuss the ones holding the purse strings—that’s you! Ads and customer reviews make subscription boxes seem like a really good way to treat your children to a new learning experience and have some fun along the way. But, like all things in life, there are pros and cons. Let’s look at the benefits of kids subscription boxes and sort out a few negatives, too.

Benefits of Kids Art Box

One of the biggest draws of subscription boxes is that they do most of the work for parents. Every month, your family automatically receives a box of goodies that your child will enjoy. Parents don’t have to go out to the store or spend hours searching online.

There’s no need to prep or plan—it’s all ready for you in the box. Our boxes include instructions for the activities, they’re all laid out. There are online videos or extended features that build upon the monthly activities that are included in the boxes.

This convenience is a really valuable feature for busy parents. You can save the time you’d usually spend shopping or planning and instead, use that time to connect with your children. It saves time and it’s stress-free—a parent’s dream!

How to Decide if Kids Subscription Boxes Are Worth the Cost for Your Family

Now that you’ve heard all the good things about subscription boxes, it’s time to see if you can answer the question: Is a kids subscription box worth it for your family?

Thinking about these questions might help you get to your final answer.

  1. What is the quality of the contents in the box? Are the contents of the subscription box high quality supplies? Are they valuable to your children and can they be reused over time? As parents, we want to give our children the best, but that doesn’t always have to mean new or expensive things.
  2. What value does the box bring? There is the cost of the supplies but don’t forget to add in the cost of your time! How many hours would you spend shopping and planning each month? Plus, what about Pinterest fails? No one, and even less kids, like a failed project. A good subscription box tests the supplies and projects for you so that your kids can enjoy the box and the end-result, too!
  3. Does the box bring more than just supplies? Does it provide a service in addition to supplies? What type of service is it? Some will bring ideas and creativity with new techniques to explore with your children. Others will be all about the convenience. Finally, some boxes will be a perfect homeschool curriculum.

Kids Art Box Delivers a Ton of Value

At Kids Art Box, we’ve built our subscription boxes with the primary purpose of making it easy for kids and families to be creative and make art. Our boxes come with high-quality art supplies, easy-to-follow instructions, and monthly activities that kids will be begging to do! Each month, kids will explore different mediums and techniques, and create exciting art pieces!

Each box is specially designed and kid-tested with a specific age group in mind. Our Create Together Art Box features five projects that align with the interests and abilities of kids that are 3 to 7 years old and are perfect for kids and adults to connect together. For kids that are a bit older (6+), we offer the My Artist Box. This box gives kids four engaging projects that will help build confidence and enhance the creative process. Plus, there’s a focus on art techniques and art history which is perfect for art lovers or homeschooling families.

What’s another reason Kids Art Box is the favorite subscription box of parents? We offer flexible subscription options. If you’d like, order your boxes individually for maximum flexibility. Or, choose a renewing subscription and get a discount that will boost your family’s budget. By signing up for a monthly, three-month, or annual plan, you can save up to $175 per year. It’s up to you! Our monthly subscription is the most flexible and you can cancel or pause it at any time! And, best of all, our customer service is always available to help if you have any questions or issues with your boxes.

So, is a Kids Art Box subscription worth the cost? Absolutely!

Choose your art box and sign up today!

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