Kids Art Box is the Best Craft Box For Creative Kids & Emerging Artists

Do you have an emerging artist at home? Are you looking for hands-on art projects your kids can do independently or that you can do together? Are you thinking about buying a craft subscription box, but you're not sure what's best for your creative kids?

Kids Art Box has you covered! It brings art right to your doorstop and is the best arts and crafts box for kids. It is perfect for young creative kids and emerging artists!

Here's what sets Kids Art Box apart:

The Most Creative Art Activities

Creativity is the main focus of the activities in your Kids Art Box subscription. Each kids' art project introduces a different medium as well as fun, new art techniques. Young artists can have fun experimenting and discovering new mediums and techniques, while older kids can learn and develop new art skills!

The Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me boxes are great memory-makers, too! Young artists can do projects on their own, or with an adult, to connect through creativity! Because we know that the process of creating is what matters, the activities are open-ended. Whether your growing artist prefers to follow directions step-by-step, experiment on their own, or a combination of the two, the activities allow kids to explore and discover their own methods and processes for making art.

The My Artist Box is perfect for emerging artists wanting to expand their visual arts knowledge. With each box, your child learns about a new artist and their masterpieces. They will also learn by creating 4 art pieces inspired by the artist of the month.

Kid Tested and Approved!

Every activity is tested and revised multiple times before been approved, packed, and shipped to you! All the failures happen here, in our office. This way – no more Pinterest fails!

We first test the activities during the design process. The new projects are then kid-tested to make sure they are fun, but most importantly, kid-approved! Finally, parents test the full projects using our tutorials. Once that's done, we order the supplies, pack up the boxes, and ship them to you!

Includes Everything You and Your Children Need in One Box

Each kit includes all the supplies you need to complete every art activity in the box, except common household items like scissors, cups, and paper towels. There is no more running to and from the store for that one thing you're missing.

If you don't have the basic supplies needed, we have you covered there, too! We've prepared a Starter Kit that contains everything you will need to make art with children easy and enjoyable.


You won't find crinkle paper in our boxes! Each Kids Art Box is organized the same way, so there's no more digging through crinkle paper to find the supplies you need for an activity. Instead, each project is packed inside its own envelope containing all the necessary supplies for that activity, and the tutorials are coded by number or color to correlate with the envelopes.

Each month, you can feel confident knowing you're getting a well-organized kit and that your kids will be excited to start their new projects! You can even let them pick which project they would like to start first by showing them the pages from the tutorial.

Kids Art Box is Thematic

Kids Art Box has different themes coming your way each month, and every project in the box supports that theme.

Our Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me themes are most often nature-based or seasonal. Some of our customers' favorite boxes are pets, space, and dinosaur themed!

Our My Artist Box explores a new artist each month. The artists vary greatly in style, nationality, and time period so children can learn about history, countries, and different cultures as well.

Great for Children 3 to 12

Our boxes are designed for a wide age range. This allows children to grow into their own style, learn more over time, and become more proficient in art. A younger child may not have the same end-result as an older child, however, that is not what matters most. We believe that learning, experimenting, and having fun are the most important things when creating art!

Ready to give Kids Art Box a try? Kids Art Box delivers four or five Montessori-inspired arts, crafts, and science projects to your home each month, and your creative kids will love it! Check out our subscriptions here.

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