5 Reasons to Buy a Homeschool Subscription Box for Your Family

You’re committed to homeschooling your children. You have a great network of families and even belong to homeschool co-ops. You want to add to your existing art curriculum, and you think a homeschool art kit might be the answer.

But how do you know if a subscription box service is going to meet your family’s homeschool needs? Is it worth the price? Will it bring value to your children’s homeschool experience?

Here are 5 reasons to buy a homeschool subscription box for your family.

1. Educational subscription boxes do the planning for you.

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, planning daily lessons is hard work. There are lessons online, but scrolling through them to find the one that’s best for your children takes time.

And once you find an activity, gathering the supplies is next. Educational subscription boxes do all the work for you because the boxes contain everything you need to complete the activity.

2. Subscription boxes are customizable.

Planning an activity for one child is difficult. Planning multiple activities for multiple children can feel next to impossible. And when things become complicated in the classroom, they often get moved to the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately, that happens far too often with art.

But art subscription boxes are customizable by age, so you don’t need to worry about preparing different activities for different aged children. Also, it can be hard to know which projects are going to work best with which age groups. Art subscription box services take the guesswork away because you know the boxes you select will be developmentally appropriate.

3. Subscription boxes provide convenience.

Buying individual art supplies is expensive, and you often have to buy in large quantities to get everything you need. And that gets expensive.

Subscription services are convenient, because they’ve done the shopping for you. Subscription services also test their products and activities so you know the processes work. No Pinterest fails here!

Subscription box services also bring value to your homeschool life by freeing up your most valuable resource - time. You chose to homeschool your children so you can be with them during their school day. With a subscription service, you can spend your time creating art with your children instead of planning to create art.

4. Subscription boxes give you something to look forward to.

You don’t have to look far into YouTube to know unboxing is everything. Opening a package to see what treasures are inside is something that both children and adults love.

With an art subscription box, it’s Christmas morning every time a new box shows up on your doorstep. Build extra excitement into your homeschool experience by having a calendar that shows your family when the boxes will arrive. Then let your children open the boxes themselves, and let the magic begin.

5. Convinced and ready to subscribe?

Then Kids Art Box is the subscription service for you. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • The Mommy and Me Art Box has 3 art activities, 1 science activity, and a baking activity and is designed for ages 3-6.
  • The Daddy and Me Art Box has 3 art activities, 1 science activity, and 1 origami activity and is designed for ages 4-7.
  • My Artist Box has 2 art activities, 1 technique activity, and 1 diorama activity, and every month you learn about a new artist.

Want to try it out before subscribing? You can!

Kids Art Box has subscriptions available from 1-month to 1-year.

And with 1-month subscriptions you can cancel any time, so there’s no fear of a long-term commitment.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order your first box today.

And happy creating!

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