Free Valentine's Day Printables for Kids!

Valentine's Day is super fun for kids! It's a good time for children to remind their friends that they love them and share a little gift. This Valentine's Day, give the gift of art, not candies!

On this page you will find 3 cute, artsy printable Valentine's cards for kids so that your children's friends can make some art, too! They are easy to print out and assemble at home. These are also great for Valentine's Day on a budget.

Download the Valentine's Cards!

All the cards are high resolution pdfs. To download any of the valentines just click below. To get the best results, print on card stock or photo paper. If you only have regular printer paper, that will work too!

Once you've printed out the cards and art activities, you'll need to cut them out following the dashed lines. You will also need a hole punch and ribbon to tie them together. Leftover Christmas ribbon works great!

You Color My World Valentines

With this valentine, your children's friends will have fun with "color by number" heart drawing kits! You will need colored pencils, fine tip markers, or mini paint palettes! The mini paint palettes don't work as well but my kids love them because "they are so cute!!!".

Attach the printout to pencils or markers, then give your homemade kit to your children's friends for a fun activity to do at home.

I Love You To Pieces Valentines

This crafty valentine is great to gift to younger children who like to tear and glue! Just add a few pieces of paper (I used quarters of 8.5" x 11" red and pink paper) and a little container of glitter glue to the printout and your child's friends will have a fun paper craft to do.

Paint Your Heart Out Valentines

Older children who want to be involved in creating their valentines will love this one. They will write a secret message that will be revealed when their friends paint over it with watercolor paint!

It is a bit more complex and requires an extra step: on the second page of the tutorial, where your children’s friends will need to paint, have your child draw or write a message with a white oil pastel! If you decide to write, I recommend a very short message with large letters. Then, add a watercolor palette to the bundle so the children who receive the gift can paint over!

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