leonardo-da-vinci-class-pack box

Leonardo da Vinci Class Pack

2nd Grade through High School

This class pack celebrates Leonardo da Vinci, a man who was an engineer, an architect, a scientist, an inventor, and one of the most iconic artists of the Renaissance. His life and work still fascinate people today! With this art box, you'll get everything you need to lead children through the project as well as a wealth of background information on da Vinci, his life, and his most famous pieces of art.

This pack contains all of the supplies you'll need in order for 10 or more children to create their own pop-art Mona Lisa painting! To give you a head start on prepping the lesson, a reproducible PDF tutorial will be emailed to you before the art box ships. 

If you're looking to extend the impact of this art lesson, check out our list of books about Leonardo da Vinci or dive into another art project with our Mona Lisa download.

Please note- class packs may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 

Add to Cart $7.50/student. Minimum quantity of 10.
*Will ship in 14 days.
Activities in the Leonardo da Vinci Class Pack Box:
Pop-Art Mona Lisa
Children will usher Mona Lisa into the 20th century in this project. Bright colors and funky shapes give this famous painting a pop-art makeover. They'll use markers, watercolors, and two printmaking techniques to create their final artwork.

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Pop-Art Mona Lisa
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