pacita-abad-class-pack box

Pacita Abad Class Pack

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Pacita Abad was a bold Asian-American artist, activist, and world traveler. She created her very own approach to the artistic canvas. She embraced color, patterns, and texture. And, she used all of this to influence social change. With this class pack, you can inspire your students to create a colorful mixed-media piece that showcases their personality. The art box also includes a wealth of information about Abad's style and her most famous artwork. Your students are sure to be captivated by Abad's adventurous life!

This pack contains all of the supplies you'll need in order for 10 or more children to complete a torn paper reproduction of her Layers of Earth art piece. To give you a head start on prepping the lesson, a reproducible PDF tutorial will be emailed to you before the art box ships. 

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Still can't get enough of Pacita Abad? Get even more activities when you order the My Artist Box featuring Pacita Abad.

Please note- class packs may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 

Add to Cart $7.50/student. Minimum quantity of 10.
Activities in the Pacita Abad Class Pack Box:
Layers of Earth Torn Paper Reproduction
This abstract piece gives kids total artistic freedom. They'll start by tearing strips of paper and arranging them as a layered background. On top of that colorful base, they'll add oil pastels, paint, gems, and sequins.

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Layers of Earth Torn Paper Reproduction
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