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Independence Day

It’s time for fireworks, flags, and patriotic festivities—it’s America’s birthday! Get this art box home and children can celebrate the fourth of July with five hands-on projects.


This box is filled with red, white, and blue! There’s paint, glitter, stickers, beads, and more. Kids will design a patriotic collage and piece together a beaded American flag. They’ll paint in three unique ways: rolling paint with marbles, blowing paint with a straw, and dragging paint with a plastic card. Plus, they’ll learn all about energy as they build and launch a rubber band rocket. This month’s visual recipe is a great fourth-of-July dessert: red, white, and blue pretzels!

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Activities in the Independence Day Box:
Straw-Blown Fireworks
In this project, kids will create a night sky filled with colorful fireworks, but they won't need to use a paintbrush. Instead, they'll be encouraged to use a straw to blow the paint into the shape of fireworks! Plus, they'll use glitter glue and a plastic scraper to create a majestic mountain range.

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Independence Day Collage
This abstract collage project is a great way to inspire creativity in kids! They'll work with lots of red, white, and blue to create a collage inspired by America. There's paint, paper, stickers, and more!

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Pony Beads American Flag
Kids will channel their inner Betsy Ross as they create an American flag out of pony beads in this craft project. Along with making a fun piece of art, they'll get to practice counting and making patterns, plus work on their fine-motor skills!

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Rubber Band Rocket Science Project
Children get an introduction to potential and kinetic energy in this science project. They'll create a hands-on demonstration with a rubber band rocket. It's the perfect combination of art and science!

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M&M's Brownies
For this visual recipe, you'' be making yummy brownies and adding some M&M's on top! For patriotic brownies use red, white and blue M&M's!
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