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Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with the Christmas Art Box! It’s the perfect way to spend a little quiet time with your children during this hectic holiday season.

Children will start off the box by pouring three colors of paint to create a snowy, swirled background for a Christmas village. They’ll get even more snow as they put together a snowman and build a snow globe for him. There’s abstract art in this box too—children will get inspiration from the master of abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky. Then it’s time to make some decorations! Young artists will make two types of ornaments and a wreath that will add a festive flair to any Christmas decor.

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Activities in the Christmas Box:
Paint Pour Christmas Village
In this project, children will combine three wintery colors with an interactive painting method—paint pouring! They'll add colorful little cottages and a dusting of fake snow to complete their Christmas village.

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Christmas village paint pour art project for kids
Kandinsky-Inspired Christmas Tree
Young artists will learn a little about Wassily Kandinsky, a painter famous for using circles in his abstract art, and use his paintings as inspiration for decorating an abstract Christmas tree. Instead of paint, they'll arrange brightly colored circles and buttons as ornaments.

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Kandinsky-Inspired Christmas Tree children craft
Tissue Paper Wreath
Here's a wreath that looks beautiful as a Christmas decoration and will last all year long! Children will tear up tissue paper and crumple the pieces to make the evergreen portion. Red pompoms serve as holly to give the wreath a pop of color!

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christmas wreath craft for children with tissue paper and pompoms
Craft Stick Ornaments
Young artists will put together two festive Christmas ornaments in this project: a snowman and a Santa. They'll get creative with paint, sparkly paper, buttons, and more!

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christmas craft stick ornaments santa and snowman
Snowman in a Snow Globe
Even if kids live in a warm climate, they can still have snow on Christmas! They'll first create artwork featuring a snowman. Then, with the help of an adult, they'll create a snow globe frame complete with powdery “snow”!

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snowglobe snowman christmas craft for kids
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