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Polar Animals

Brrr—it’s getting cold! Celebrate the upcoming winter months with this art box all about animals who live in the coldest places on Earth – polar animals!

Children will use a variety of artistic techniques to create art pieces with a narwhal, a penguin, a walrus, and the polar bears in the Northern Lights. Little ones will love to get creative in designing their polar animals. They will use chalk, salt, fake snow, and other out-of-the-box art supplies. They will keep their hands busy by painting with brushes and a pipette. The box wraps up with a recipe that will bring more fun to your home —a sensory bin that will keep children engaged for hours!

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Activities in the Polar Animals Box:
Northern Lights Mixed-Media Art
The Northern Lights are a spectacular sight, but very few of us ever get to see them. In this project, children will get to make their own version of the Northern Lights to display at home. They will use chalk, paint, and a few other techniques to create this winter scene. Then add some cute polar bears to the icy land!

Northern Lights Mixed-Media Art
Narwhal in a Sea of Crystals Painting
Painting with salt? Yes, it’s possible! Children will practice fine motor skills by using a pipette to paint. Then, watch as beautiful crystals emerge in the background of this painting. Plus, children can add a narwhal, ice, and snow to the background.

Narwhal in a Sea of Crystals Painting
Walrus Craft
Children will build their own walrus in this craft project! They will start building with a few circles. Then, add on the tusks, whiskers, and the flippers. In the end, they will have a friendly walrus to play with or display in their home.

Walrus Craft
Fuzzy Penguin Science Project
How do penguins stay warm in the icy arctic waters? Their feathers are one answer. In this experiment, create an adorable penguin and see how its waxy feathers interact with water to keep them warm.

Fuzzy Penguin Science Project
Arctic Sensory Bin Visual Recipe
This isn’t a recipe for food, but a recipe for play! Use common items from the pantry to make arctic ice and snow. Add a few polar animals and you’re ready to play!
Ingredient List
  • Water
  • Styrofoam , any shape
  • Plastic polar toy animals
  • Salt
  • White and blue water beads
  • 1-1/2 cup fresh cranberries
  • Blue liquid watercolor paint
  • Optional: glitter
Arctic Sensory Bin Visual Recipe
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