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Pablo Picasso

Inspire creativity and curiosity with this all-in-one art box featuring projects based on the legendary artist Pablo Picasso!

 Inside the box, children will find a wealth of engaging historical information alongside high-quality art supplies. They’ll learn about Picasso’s life and with each project, they’ll see how he brought innovative ideas to the art world. Young artists will begin by creating a mixed-media artwork inspired by Picasso’s work as an advocate for peace. Then they’ll try their hand at two of his signature styles: Cubism and Collage. The box wraps up with a new approach to a diorama: a layered landscape. All of these projects are open-ended, giving kids plenty of space to try out their own ideas!

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Activities in the Pablo Picasso Box:
Sheet Music and Guitar Collage
Young artists will explore Picasso's Synthetic Cubism (also known as collage) in this art project. They'll use real sheet music to create the background and set a Picasso-inspired guitar in the foreground.

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Cubist Guitar Collage for kids
Bouquet of Peace Reproduction
To color the abstract background of this piece, kids will first color on foil and transfer that color to the canvas. They'll use their imagination to create flowers from felt and stems from pipe cleaners.

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Picasso Bouquet of Peace Reproduction for children
Cubism Portrait Techniques
Let's play Roll-a-Picasso! For this technique lesson, kids will have the opportunity to break down a face into its separate parts and draw each part in the Cubist style. Each roll of the dice determines which artsy features they'll draw.

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Roll-A-Picasso game for young artists
Layered Landscape Diorama
Picasso is not well known for his landscapes, but children will get an in-depth view of them in this project. They'll follow a fairly realistic style as they piece together three-layers and create a countryside scene from France.

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Layered Landscape Diorama - 3D
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