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Georgiana Houghton Box

  • Flower and Fruit of Henry Lenny Reproduction
  • The Spiritual Crown of Annie Mary Howitt Watts Reproduction
  • Compass Drawing Techniques
  • String Dioramas

Marianne von Werefkin Box

  • Mountain Landscape at Oschwand Reproduction
  • Fantastic Landscape Reproduction
  • Reflection Techniques
  • The Red Tree Diorama

Henri Rousseau Box

  • The Dream Tiger Reproduction
  • The Storm Tossed Vessel Reproduction
  • Perspective Technique
  • Rain Forest Diorama

Alma Thomas Box

  • Apollo 12 Splash Down Reproduction
  • Abstract Flowers Reproduction
  • Short Bars Technique
  • Mosaic Diorama
Sold out

Shen Zhou Box

  • Flowers of the Four Seasons Reproduction
  • Landscape with Four Pines Reproduction
  • Calligraphy Technique
  • Decorative Chinese Hand Fan
Sold out

Anna Boch Box

  • Delphiniums and Chrysanthemums Chalk-Printed Reproduction
  • Landscape with Eucalyptus and Olive Trees Reproduction
  • Pointillism Technique
  • Mediterranean Port Diorama
Sold out

Wassily Kandinsky Box

  • Color Study Watercolor Reproduction
  • Composition VIII Reproduction
  • Composition VII Techniques
  • Circles in a Circle Wall Hanger
Sold out

Norval Morrisseau Box

  • Flowers and Yellow Birds Chalk Reproduction
  • Two Blue Fish Diptych Reproduction
  • X-ray Art Technique
  • Mountain Giants Diorama
Sold out

Hildegard Von Bingen and Medieval Art Box

  • Choir of Angels Reproduction
  • Book with Illuminated Letter
  • Quill and Ink Techniques
  • Stained Glass Triptych
Sold out

Pablo Picasso Box

  • Sheet Music and Guitar Collage
  • Bouquet of Peace Reproduction
  • Cubism Portrait Techniques
  • Layered Landscape Diorama
Sold out

Katsushika Hokusai Box

  • South Wind, Clear Sky Reproduction
  • Amida Falls Reproduction
  • Printmaking Techniques
  • Dragon Diorama
Sold out

Delilah W. Pierce Box

  • Gold Floating with White Edge Reproduction
  • Nature's Symphony Triptych
  • Impasto Technique
  • Seascape Wall Hanger
Sold out

Margaret Macdonald Box

  • The May Queen Reproduction
  • The Sleeping Princess Reproduction
  • Gesso Technique
  • Metal Frame Diorama
Sold out

Salvador Dalí Box

  • The Moon Reproduction with Printmaking
  • Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds Reproduction
  • Animals with Long Legs Technique
  • Melting Clock Diorama
Sold out

Marianne North Box

  • Flowers of Datura and Humming Birds Reproduction
  • Armed Bird's Nest in Acacia Bush Reproduction
  • Flower Painting Technique
  • The Night Jessamine Shadow Box
Sold out

Robert Duncanson Box

  • Maiden's Rock Reproduction
  • On the St. Annes Reproduction
  • Light and Shadow Techniques
  • The Falls of Minnehaha Diorama
Sold out

Shitao Box

  • Riverbank of Peach Blossoms Reproduction
  • Two Flowers in Conversation Reproduction
  • Inkblots and Seal Stamp Techniques
  • Misty Mountain Diorama
Sold out

Georgia O'Keeffe Box

  • Ladder to the Moon Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Morning Glories Black Glue and Watercolor Reproduction
  • Flower Techniques
  • Flower Sculpture Inspired By Jimson Weed
Sold out

Leonardo da Vinci Box

  • Pop-Art Mona Lisa
  • Vitruvian Man Reproduction
  • Fresco Technique
  • da Vinci Bridge Diorama
Sold out

Paul Klee Box

  • Fish Magic Scratch Art
  • Red Balloon Reproduction with Charcoal
  • Color Theory and Printmaking Techniques
  • Landscape with Yellow Birds Diorama
Sold out

Frida Kahlo Box

  • Self-Portrait with Bonito Shadowbox
  • Congress of People for Peace Reproduction
  • Portrait Painting Technique
  • La Casa Azul Diorama
Sold out

Georges Seurat Box

  • A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Reproduction
  • The Seine at Courbevoie Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Pointillism Technique
  • The Eiffel Tower Diorama
Sold out

Virginia Sterrett Box

  • Europa and the Bull Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Blondine on Tortoise Foil Art
  • Line and Wash Technique
  • They Walked Side by Side During the Rest of the Evening Diorama
Sold out

Henri Matisse Box

  • Les Poissons rouges (Goldfish) Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Polynésie, le ciel Cut-Outs Reproduction
  • Collage and Symmetry Techniques
  • La Gerbe (The Sheaf) Diorama
Sold out

Pacita Abad Box

  • Bumbu Bumbu Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Layers of Earth Torn Paper Reproduction
  • Abstract Painting Techniques
  • Underwater Seascape Diorama
Sold out

Antoni Gaudí Box

  • Casa Batlló Reproduction
  • La Sagrada Familia Stained Glass Reproduction
  • Mosaic Technique
  • Tower Diorama
Sold out

Beatrix Potter Box

  • Peter Rabbit Mixed Media Reproduction
  • Jeremy Fisher Watercolor Reproduction
  • Bookmaking Technique
  • Mr. McGregor's Garden Diorama
Sold out

Jacob Lawrence Box

  • No. 2, Main Control Panel, Nerve Center of Ship Oil Pastel Reproduction
  • This Is Harlem Cityscape Collage Reproduction
  • Perspective Technique
  • Diorama Reproduction of The Migration Series, Panel no. 1
Sold out

Guan Daosheng Box

  • Ducks in Pond Scroll Reproduction
  • Bamboo Groves in Mist and Rain Triptych
  • Calligraphy Technique
  • Bamboo Diorama
Sold out

Monet Box

  • Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge Paint Resist Reproduction
  • The Jetty at Le Havre Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Impressionism Technique
  • Water Lilies Diorama
Sold out

Hilma af Klint Box

  • The Swan No II Group 9 Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • They Tens Mainstay IV Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Automatic Drawing Technique
  • Abstract Circles Sculpture
Sold out

Tingatinga Box

  • Giraffes by Agnes Mpata Crayon and Watercolor Portrait
  • Peacock by Agnes Mpata Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Spots Technique
  • The Gathering in the Heat by Rashidi Chilambona Diorama
Sold out

Diego Rivera Box

  • The Flower Carrier Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Evening Twilight at Acapulco Oil Pastels and Tissue Paper Reproductions
  • Cubism Self-Portrait Technique
  • The Day of the Dead Mask Diorama
Sold out

Maria Sibylla Merian Box

  • Granatapfel Mixed-Media Life Cycle of a Butterfly
  • Plate CLXIX Mixed-Media Flower Bouquet
  • Nature Journaling Techniques
  • Butterfly Diorama
Sold out

Gustav Klimt Box

  • Tree of Life Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • The Kiss Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Patterns and Embossing Techniques
  • Mountain Slope at Unterach Diorama
Sold out

Faith Ringgold Box

  • Seven Passages to a Flight Story Quilt on Paper
  • The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles Mixed-Media Reproduction
  • Sewing Technique
  • Woman on a Bridge #2 of 5: Tar Beach Diorama
Sold out

Thunder Puppy Box

  • War Horse Mixed Media Reproduction
  • Bone Shield Reproduction
  • Soap Carving Technique
  • Mandan Earth Lodge Diorama
Sold out

Mary Cassatt Box

  • Young Woman in Green, Outdoors in the Sun Mixed-Media
  • Lilacs in a Window Floating Chalk
  • Etching and Collography Monoprinting Techniques
  • The Boating Party Diorama
Sold out

Van Gogh Box

  • Starry Night Reproduction
  • Sunflowers Collage
  • Impasto Technique
  • Bedroom in Arles
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