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Alma Thomas

Jump into the bold colors and creativity of Alma Thomas with this art box!

Young artists will get hands-on experience with abstract art and Thomas’ signature “short bars” style. They’ll use a variety of high-quality art supplies as they create: watercolors, sponges, paint powder, clay, and mosaic gems are all part of the fun! The four projects in this art box are just as varied as Thomas’ original paintings. There’s a piece inspired by space exploration, one inspired by Thomas’ garden, and two inspired by her mosaic-like painting style. Plus, kids will learn about Thomas’ inspiring life, her never-give-up spirit, and her lasting legacy.

© 2024 Estate of Alma Thomas (Courtesy of the Hart Family) / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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Activities in the Alma Thomas Box:
Apollo 12 Splash Down Reproduction
Kids will journey back to the golden age of space exploration with this art project! They'll start with the basics of color theory as they create a warm-colored design and a cool-colored design. Then they'll rip up each design and rearrange the pieces on a background using Thomas' painting as inspiration.

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Apollo 12 Splash Down Reproduction for Children - Alma Thomas Art project
Abstract Flowers Reproduction
Alma Thomas used impasto—a very thick application of paint— in some of her paintings. For this reproduction, kids will mix up a thick paste in order to achieve that texture. They'll use a craft stick to apply it to the canvas and a sponge to add stamps of watercolor.

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Impasto Abstract Flowers Reproduction for kids
Short Bars Technique
In this technique lesson, young artists will explore the short brushstrokes that made Alma Thomas famous. They'll practice arranging the short bars in a circle and in a vertical painting. True to Thomas' work, there are lots of bold colors in both paintings!

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Alam Thomas Short Bars Technique for elementary school kids
Mosaic Diorama
Children will combine color and form as they piece together a mosaic to create this 3D masterpiece inspired by Alma Thomas. They'll have total creative freedom on this project, choosing the colors, patterns, and arrangements they like best.

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Clay and tile mosaic for children
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