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Marianne von Werefkin

This all-in-one art box, inspired by Expressionist painter Marianne von Werefkin, is filled with bold colors and dramatic intensity! Young artists will learn what inspired Expressionists to use such powerful hues and have the opportunity to craft their own dramatic artwork.

The art box kicks off with a biography of von Werefkin that includes historical events that influenced her life and her most influential artwork. Then it’s time to jump into the art projects! Kids will explore texture and color as they create their own versions of von Werefkin’s art. They’ll also work through a technique lesson, utilizing two methods for painting reflections. In the final project, they’ll create a colorful 3D piece of art that’s filled with drama and unique materials.

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Activities in the Marianne von Werefkin Box:
Mountain Landscape at Oschwand Reproduction
This project is all about appreciating the beauty of nature. Kids will use a variety of painting and paper crafting techniques to create a multi-layered landscape inspired by Marianne von Werefkin's painting. The final result is a colorful piece that captures the essence of Switzerland's natural beauty!

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Impressionist mixed-media mountain landscape for children
Fantastic Landscape Reproduction
There's a bit of science in this painting! Young artists will blend paint with baking soda and use the mixture to add color to their artwork's background. Then they'll drip vinegar on top! This hands-on painting technique creates a swirly, dream-like background.

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Bubbly background fantastic landscape kids art
Reflection Techniques
In this technique lesson, kids will practice making reflections in two ways. They'll use the concept of symmetry to draw a design on a foam plate and create a reflection by flipping it. Then they'll paint a scene and add just a bit of water so it transfers its reflection. Both projects are open-ended, allowing young artists to experiment with the techniques in their own way.

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Elementary school kids learn about to make reflections in art
The Red Tree Diorama
This project has it all: wire, clay, paint, paper, and a peg doll! Young artists will work with all of these materials as they design and build a 3D version of Marianne von Werefkin's artwork. There's a mountain, a house, and—of course—a red tree.

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Fun kids art mountain diorama for children
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