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Norval Morrisseau

Explore the bold artistic vision of Norval Morrisseau with this art box. In each of these four projects, kids will study and create a totally unique type of art: contemporary Indigenous art!

Young artists will look at Morrisseau’s Indigenous heritage and see why cultural storytelling was such an important source of inspiration for him. Then they’ll re-create two of his paintings that depict the natural world with bold outlines and vivid colors. They’ll also learn more about Morrisseau’s famous style—Woodland School of art—and practice his “x-ray” technique. The art box wraps up with a 3D reproduction of a serene mountain range with canoes floating in the water below.

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Activities in the Norval Morrisseau Box:
Flowers and Yellow Birds Chalk Reproduction
Young artists will start this project by drawing a glue outline and using chalk to recreate Morrisseau's vibrant colors! They'll create their drawing in two ways: coming up with their own design and using tracing paper to get a taste of Morrisseau's shapes

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Glue and chalk native art for children
Two Blue Fish Diptych Reproduction
This project is all about symmetry! Kids will create this diptych by drawing one fish and tracing it to create another symmetrical fish. They'll add watercolor designs to the background and add even more color with cardstock circles.

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Indigenous art symmetry reproduction
X-ray Art Technique
Morrisseau's unique style was nicknamed “x-ray art” because he paired bold outlines with delicate lines and shapes on the inside of his subjects. The result looks like an x-ray! Kids will practice this technique by first drawing animals and then giving them energy by adding lines, spirals, and color!

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Norval Morrisseau X-ray Art Technique for kids
Mountain Giants Diorama
In this project, kids will put together a 3D version of Morrisseau's Mountain Giants painting. They'll get lots of drawing practice and will also get experience with creating a background, middle ground, and foreground. Plus, they'll put their hands to work by making clay canoes!

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Mountain Giants Diorama for children
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