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Georgiana Houghton

May 2024 My Artist Subscription Box

Meet Georgiana Houghton, one of the first Abstract artists! In this art box, kids will step into Houghton’s magical world of swirling color and recreate a few of her enchanting paintings.They’ll get all the supplies and instructions they need to design four projects inspired by Houghton’s most famous pieces. Along the way, they'll learn about Houghton’s life, her artistic style, and her approach to Spiritualism. Plus, don't miss all the exciting materials in this art box! Kids will learn to use a compass and get their hands on chalk, coffee filters, yarn, and a sea sponge.

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Activities in the Georgiana Houghton Box:
Flower and Fruit of Henry Lenny Reproduction
In this mixed-media project, children will use one of Houghton's semi-abstract paintings as inspiration. They'll bring together a variety of bold colors and materials. Each step offers young artists the chance to add another layer of creativity to their artwork!

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Flower and Fruit of Henry Lenny Reproduction Abstract art for kids
The Spiritual Crown of Annie Mary Howitt Watts Reproduction
Young artists will be inspired by colors and swirls as they recreate one of Houghton's most famous paintings. They'll stamp with a sea sponge, a straw, and a bottle cap. Plus they'll draw swirls with an acrylic paint pen.

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The Spiritual Crown of Annie Mary Howitt Watts Reproduction Abstract art lesson children
Compass Drawing Techniques
This technique lesson will introduce young artists to the compass. They'll start with two beginner-friendly compass setups: a notched craft stick and a piece of foam. Then they'll use a formal compass to create three unique geometrical designs.

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Easy Compass Drawing Techniques for kids
String Dioramas
In this project, kids will use a new material to make swirls: yarn! They'll imagine two designs: one abstract and one figurative. Then they'll use a paper mache mixture to coat the yarn and complete the design.

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Yarn string and glue sculptures
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