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Hildegard Von Bingen and Medieval Art

In this art box, children can explore the unique artistry of medieval times. They’ll journey through 1,000 years of art to take a peek at Early Christian art, Byzantine art, and Gothic art. They’ll also take a deeper look into the art of Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most influential women of the Middle Ages.

Children will be taken back in time with projects like magnificent, illuminated manuscripts and majestic stained glass windows. They’ll piece together their own book, blend their own ink, fashion their own quill pen, and practice writing with it! In each project, they’ll blend their imagination with the captivating history of the Middle Ages.

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Activities in the Hildegard Von Bingen and Medieval Art Box:
Choir of Angels Reproduction
Children will recreate a famous piece of art from the Middle Ages in this project. Hildegard von Bingen made the original Choir of Angels in 1150. Children will use yarn to create concentric circles and use gold confetti to represent the patterns of the angels as they put together their own modern artwork.

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Choir of Angels Reproduction - Medieval art for kids
Book with Illuminated Letter
In this project, young artists will try their hand at an artistic method from the Middle Ages: illuminated letters! They'll personalize the cover of their book with their initial and add a border, swirls, and other eye-catching effects. They'll make it shine by adding color with permanent markers and gold paint.

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Illuminated art for kids
Quill and Ink Techniques
Toss out the pencil and pen—kids are making their very own historical writing instrument in this project! They'll cut, trim, and sand down a feather to create a quill pen and brew tea to create their own ink. Plus, they'll get a chance to practice an alphabet invented by Hildegard von Bingen.

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Quill and Ink Techniques for children
Stained Glass Triptych
Kids can tell a story through their art or create a totally abstract design in this stained-glass project. They'll mix black paint and glue to provide a bold outline for their designs. Once the color and frames are added, the piece makes a beautiful suncatcher!

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Stained Glass Triptych craft for children
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