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Wassily Kandinsky

Show children the fascinating world of abstraction with this art box inspired by Wassily Kandinsky!


The art box kicks off with a biography of Kandinsky and a brief overview of his most influential artwork. Then it’s time to start creating! In every project, kids will explore the connection between colors, shapes, emotions, and storytelling. They’ll experiment with the placement of colors and learn how to bring triangles, circles, and lines together just like Kandinsky did. In some of the projects, young artists will study and recreate Kandinsky’s work. But they’ll also get to use the techniques they’ve learned to create a masterpiece that’s totally unique! In the final project, they’ll mix up salt dough to form a 3D piece of abstract art.

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Activities in the Wassily Kandinsky Box:
Color Study Watercolor Reproduction
How do colors play together and change the perception of the viewer? This is a question Kandinsky studied throughout his life and kids get the opportunity to explore the question on their own in this project! They'll use watercolors to create 12 squares and circles just like Kandinsky did.

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Kandinsky Color Study Watercolor Reproduction for children
Composition VIII Reproduction
Young artists will bring color, lines, and shapes together in this dynamic art piece inspired by Kandinsky. They'll get a taste of drawing, painting, and mixed-media. It's a great project for exploring their inner creativity!

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Composition VIII Reproduction Kandinsky Abstract art for kids
Composition VII Techniques
Kids will enjoy the artistic freedom of this project—it's an explosion of color and shapes! Watercolors, paper, beads, and wire all come together to form a 3D mixed-media masterpiece.

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Wassily Kandinsky inspired Abstract 3D art for kids
Circles in a Circle Wall Hanger
Get ready to mix, bake, and paint—this art project has it all! Kids will start by mixing up their own salt dough. Then they'll use a variety of circular objects to imprint Kandinsky's favorite shape—the circle—into the dough. After it's baked and cooled, they'll paint it with watercolors.

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Kandinsky circles in circles clay hanger for children educational
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