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Henri Rousseau

This My Artist Box takes children on an adventure through the enchanting and mysterious world of Henri Rousseau’s art.

Rousseau, a late-19th-century French painter, shocked the world with his naive art and dream-like jungle landscapes. Young artists will kick off this art box by taking a closer look at Rousseau and his inspiration for creating this one-of-a-kind artwork. Then they’ll start making their own masterpieces! They’ll channel Rousseau’s rich colors, non-traditional proportions, and imaginative settings in each project. As budding artists, they’ll have the opportunity to practice drawing, painting, and laying out artwork with one-point perspective. The box is filled with high-quality art supplies too. Kids will work with bleeding tissue paper, photo paper, crinkle paper, tempera paint, and watercolors.

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Activities in the Henri Rousseau Box:
The Dream Tiger Reproduction
Young artists will use a few methods to create the vibrantly colored jungle scene in this project. They'll work with photo paper, bleeding tissue paper, watercolor, and salt. The end result is a unique piece of art with multiple textures and mediums.

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The Storm Tossed Vessel Reproduction
In this adventurous reproduction, kids will use two types of paint and a torn-paper method to create a stormy seascape. Ominous colors are the key to the drama in this project, so kids will practice mixing watercolors. They'll also use a very unusual tool (a fork!) to paint the storm and sheets of rain.

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Perspective Technique
Rousseau is famous for using unique perspectives and proportions. Kids will get a taste of these techniques as they work through two lessons on perspective. They'll get a chance to draw both trees and buildings.

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Rain Forest Diorama
This final 3D artwork is a combination of Rousseau's jungle landscapes. Children will piece together abundant greenery, hanging vines, and thick foliage. In the final step, they'll add a few of their favorite animals peeking through the scene.

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