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Marianne North

Marianne North (1830-1890) was an adventurous artist who ushered in a new era of botanical art. During a time when women weren't supposed to work outside the home or travel alone, Marianne was dedicated to capturing the beauty of nature around the world.

With this art box, kids will learn about North’s unique approach to painting the places and plants she saw. Young artists will study the flowers she painted and get a step-by-step lesson in how to draw four types of flowers. They’ll piece together mixed-media reproductions of a few of North’s most famous paintings. Along the way, they’ll practice the wet-on-wet watercolor technique and paper mache.

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Activities in the Marianne North Box:
Flowers of Datura and Humming Birds Reproduction
In this project, kids will create a mixed-media interpretation of North's painting. They'll use a paper mache technique to construct the flower bloom. Watercolors will make the hummingbird come alive as a metallic paper transforms into water below.!

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Armed Bird's Nest in Acacia Bush Reproduction
Kids will get a springtime feeling with this acacia bush reproduction and its bright yellow blooms. After painting the background, they'll use a paper bag to create a weathered tree. Tissue paper flowers and a nest made of wood fibers add a 3D effect to the piece.

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Flower Painting Technique
During her adventures, North took time to truly study the flowers she painted, and that's exactly what kids will do in this technique lesson. They'll look at four different types of flowers and learn how to draw each one step-by-step. After some drawing practice, they'll add a black outline and watercolor paint.

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The Night Jessamine Shadow Box
This 3D display piece brings the beauty of the sunset together with the nighttime blooms of the jasmine plant. Young artists will assemble three layers of materials as they build this shadow box. Watercolor, tissue paper, and yarn are just a few of the supplies they'll use.

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