Celebrate the holidays throughout the winter season with our winter Holidays craft kit for kids! Every child loves the Holidays and they will enjoy creating art to display at home and cards to ship to their loved ones!

Make some tasty, healthy fudge, create a snowball catapult, use marbles to create fun cards, and even make your own ornaments for any occasion!

Activities in the Holiday Box:
Mixed Media Snowscape
This activity uses a paint scraper and crinkle scissors to help create a fun snowy landscape! Decorate it even further with the extra gems and markers included in your box.
Multi-media snowscape with paint scraper and crinkle scissors.
Snowmen Holiday Cards
The snowman cards are made with marbles your child gets to roll around in paint. This unique idea is sure to bring a different take to your average arts and crafts painting.
Holiday cards made with marbles and paint.
Clay Ornaments
Children love working with clay. Clay is a perfect sensory material and has so many benefits for children (and adults)! These ornaments are a fun and easy way to introduce clay to your child. They are made with the provided clay cutter and rolling pin. Once dry, they can be painted and hung in your home.
Fun clay ornaments with air-dry clay.
Snowball Catapult Science Project
This science STEM project brings tons of fun to you and your child. Decorate the craft sticks and launch the pom poms as far as you can!
Snowball catapult with pom poms
Nut Butter, Cocoa, and Banana Fudge Visual Recipe
(tools and ingredients not included) The visual recipe here is super easy to follow and produces delicious (and healthier) fudge!
Tastey nut butter fudge visual recipe.
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